Beach Survey & Cleanup in Miyako Island   Feb. 11, 2011
Exit Survey
at Miyako Island
Feb. 2011
Oct. 2010
Arrival Survey
at the Pacific Northwest
Aug. 2012
April 2012
Sep. 2011
Aug. 2010
Mar. 2011
Feb. 2011-2
Meeting before the research Heading to the assigned spots
Start sorting Dr. Oshiro and his wife Yuko
Kanako trying to scale the size of big float This is going to be another tough day
Dr. Oshiro prepares for micro debris research One of the density research spots
Sorting time Over 100% of density
Sorting the debris Why we see so many electric bulbs every time
Unknown medical tablets Baxter 0.9% Sodium Chloride Injection USP 250mL
Cleanup time Data recording
Collecting marine debris Soon after the cleanup, new debris have already arrived
Today's load Result of a day's hard work
Loading the marine debris to the truck First trip to the stock yard
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