Beach Survey & Cleanup in Miyako Island   Feb. 13, 2011
Exit Survey
at Miyako Island
Feb. 2011
Oct. 2010
Arrival Survey
at the Pacific Northwest
Aug. 2012
April 2012
Sep. 2011
Aug. 2010
Feb. 2011-1
Miyahara Beach Park Dr. Oshiro and his wife Yuko
Muscle shell UFO? No, just a floating shell Even the Beach Park has marine debris
One of the visiting spots for tourists Marine debris mixed in with the forest of Pandanus
Many of these debris return to ocean with the next high tide Dr. Oshiro finds a dead turtle
Plastic piece was found in intestine Two pieces of foamed polystyrene were found in intestine
Esophagus and stomach were filled with undigested seaweed,
but intestine was blocked with pieces of foamed polystyrene.
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