Beach Survey & Cleanup in Miyako Island   Feb. 26, 2011
Exit Survey
at Miyako Island
Feb. 2011
Arrival Survey
at the Pacific Northwest
Aug. 2012
April 2012
Sep. 2011
Aug. 2010
Feb. 2011-1
Beautiful ocean view Beach covered with maine debris
Density research location Packed
Awful volume! Collecting debris in the frame
Collecting even the smallest pieces of debris Take a quick break
Collecting sand to research micro debris Preparing for sorting
Sorting debris in the frame (1m x 1m) Counting the numbers of sorted debris
Many medical items are found on the beach Medicine containers
Skin ointment Used capsule case
Drops and syringe Liquid medicine
First aid package Painkiller
Ointment and other medicines Capsule
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